The VÉgA

The main goal of the VÉgA is to become the digital reference dictionary for the international community of Egyptology, that is a tool created by and for specialists as well as a starting point for those with a passion for the discipline.

1. A continually updated digital tool

The project consists of creating a user-friendly interactive tool making it possible to model and present the ever-evolving knowledge of the ancient Egyptian language by grouping together and cross-checking the words, where they have been attested, the references, their different written forms, as well as including photographs of the texts in question. This online tool will constantly be refreshed by adding new words from the latest sources and updated with the most recent lexicographical studies.

2. A new scientific dimension for Egyptology

Secondly, VÉgA enables the creation of a shared platform dedicated to ancient Egyptian by inviting both the French and the international community of Egyptology to contribute to the project. It also gives the opportunity to diffuse this collaborative knowledge based on reliable scientific premises to a wider general.

3. A collaborative base linked to other projects

VÉgA’s functions make it possible to exploit its data in other similar programmes. The technological choices undertaken are permanent, whilst at the same time giving the tool great flexibility, these include: a graph database, HTML5 interface allowing access to the tool via a simple web browser, etc. Partner projects are already anticipating creating a link to the dictionary’s resources; the Karnak Project, which references the inscriptions of the temple of Karnak, is one example.